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Unleashing NFTs

What's their limitation?
Non-Fungible Tokens take many different shapes and forms in todays dynamic blockchain industry. The most interesting NFT's on the market today are gaming NFTs, or the characters in a game. Users can purchase these directly in the game, or trade these NFTs on their native game's marketplace.
The play-to-earn space has seen immense growth during recent years, and these gaming NFTs can generate substantial revenue for their owners. But one thing remains constant with every one of them: they are restricted to their native gaming platforms.
We are going to break this cycle, and UNLEASH the power of these NFTs.
Galactic Arena: The NFTverse will unleash the earning potential of GAMING NFTs for their owners by creating a 'GALACTIC ARENA' where players can import their assets into our ecosystem and fully interact as a native user, with the ability to upgrade and battle! All while still retaining ownership of their NFTs.
Diverse battle modes ensure a fair and equitable result on wagers placed within the game, enticing users from different games to migrate their NFTs onto our platform!
Blockchains and smart contract technology combined with the gaming industry have changed the world around us. Join us as we venture into this new universe of NFT growth and freedom. Welcome to the NFTverse!
Last modified 2yr ago