Native Characters
Original characters from Galactic Arena: The NFTverse
Native Characters are characters that are native NFTs of Galactic Arena: The NFTverse.
Currently, the game has 6 main characters : Goken Sensei, Suki Sunoda, Master Khan, Cyntax, Cyrax and Formax.
Native characters can be purchased directly from the GAN In-Game Shop for $GAN 3000 each.
PERK: Native characters DO NOT have to hold a minimum amount of $GAN in order to participate in battles.
Goken Sensei
Goken Sensei - Skillful martial artist with incredible abilities, Goken is a Kyokushin Black Belt (10th Dan) and is known for winning the 100- bot KUMATE.
Suki Sunoda
Suki Sunoda - the most lethal bounty hunter you have seen on this side of the galaxy. She is RUTHLESS. Ex-Army Corporal - Infiltration specialist: she knows her way through a battlefield.
Master Khan
Master Kahn - No one knows where he is from, and is rumored to be about 4,000 Years old. He has journeyed the galaxies in his many years and defeated many foes.
Syntax - A T1 Droid, with strong Melee attacks and good defense ability. Syntax was programmed to save THE CREED on planet Termatron, and fought valiantly in the 'Battle of the Terminators'.
Cyrax, A T2 Droid, unpredictable, yet powerful. Cyrax is capable of destroying the enemy with his melee attacks. Cyrax helped free THE CREED on planet Termatron from the rule of 'The Resistance'.
Formax, A T3 Droid with heavy ammunitions. Capable of causing heavy damage with its long range weapons. The strongest Terminator Droid with built-in A.I.
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