Long-Term Sustainability
Keep it going
To allow the game to develop continuously, we intend to follow the schedule set out in our roadmap. The development team has many methods to balance the price of $GAN throughout the life of the project, even though Galactic Arena allows NFT heroes from other games to participate in the game and receive rewards. These methods are:
1. GAN requires visiting players who own NFTs from other games to hold a fixed amount of $GAN in their wallets to participate in the game;
2. Set the rewards of the visiting RANK Bronze 1 hero when participating in THE CARNIVAL to 0 to avoid inflation (these players still benefit from the fact that hero leveling up will reduce the cost of participating in PVP);
3. In addition, the dev team also offer certain fees for a Buy Back of $GAN, and promotes product development to attract more players to increase the price of $GAN in the long term;
4. The team focused mostly on the PVP MODE. Instead of increasing the rewards in the training mode to attract new players, the dev team focused on increasing the competition in the PvP mode by creating an algorithm which generates balanced fights between opponents. This development orientation is a radical solution for both allowing many players and gaming platforms to join the ecosystem while keeping the $GAN price at the best rate possible;
5. Incentives are given to players who own native NFTs so they can purchase native heroes in the game, which will directly make the $GAN price stable;
For more information on the fees that players have to pay, please read the Game Modes section.
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