A brief description about the project.
Welcome to the Arena
Welcome to the Galactic Arena: The NFTverse!
As the number of play to earn games increase, so does the number of NFT characters that these games create.
Players come onto gaming platforms and invest their money into these games by purchasing these NFTs, and in essence locking their capital in the game. These NFTs can only generate revenue on these platforms, and are not able to integrate into another game.
But what if that game / platform fails, or is rendered obsolete? The player loses the value of their NFTs, and loses their capital.
Galactic Arena aims to solve this problem by allowing these NFTs to connect to our game and join the Arena. By bringing those NFTs into our NFTverse, we allow them to gain back their value and remain a revenue generating asset for their owners. We plan to add characters from more than 25 different games into our ecosystem to give a multitude of players the chance to rejuvenate their NFTs, or simply generate more revenue.
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