Please read this!
We, the developers of GAN, release this game with the aim of creating a playground for all NFTs, and will do our best to maintain the original ethos of this project.
In order to avoid the unexpected, we ask players to accept some mandatory rules of the game listed below:
1. We, the developers of GAN, will not be responsible for any losses due to token price slippage;
2. We, the developers of GAN, recommend that players invest at an acceptable amount of money into the game if they want to experience the game in the best way possible;
3. We, the developers of GAN, are not responsible for player interactions with the ecosystem such as failure to upgrade characters, loss in different game modes, etc.;
4. We are not responsible for any information that does not come directly from our official Social Media channels;
5. Actions like hacking, spamming, or throwing FUD in the community channels can lead to your game account being locked, locked tokens or being put on the backlist without prior notice;
6. This game respects the laws of every country, if the law in your place of residence has a provision prohibiting such games, we refuse to serve you and are not responsible for any issues you may encounter in your visit to our website and app/game.
If you do not agree to all of the above mentioned terms, please feel free to not use this service.
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