Visiting Characters
NFT Characters brought into the game
These are the NFT characters that will migrate into Galactic Arena. After listening to the community, to start things off we will be adding characters from 2 games : Cryptozoon and Polkamonster!
The migration process is simple, and once completed the character is set to the DEFAULT Rank Bronze 1 LvL 1 . Users may choose to disconnect their character from the game at ANY TIME, and will still retain ownership of their NFTs.
In order to keep it equitable for players who are using NATIVE characters, the visiting characters must satisfy the following:
  • All Visiting heroes who want to participate in 'THE CARNIVAL' must stake a minimum of $GAN 2,500 PER NFT in the NFTs the player will use to play 'THE CARNIVAL' mode. (NOTE: The minimum staking time is 24hrs; A user may withdraw their $GAN from staking once the minimum 24hr time period has passed since their last spin. Note that they will not be able to use that NFT until it meets the basic staking criteria; For further explanation, please look at the 'Example picture' below);
  • For ALL RANK Bronze 1 heroes, only EXP is gained in the 'THE CARNIVAL', NOT $GAN. This gain in EXP is necessary to increase your chances of winning battles in THE CAGE;
  • Once migrated heroes reach RANK Bronze 2, they are able to earn $GAN from participation in 'THE CARNIVAL'.
  • Visiting heroes must hold $GAN 2,500 in their wallets to participate in 'THE CAGE'.
Green Dragon from CRYPTOZOON
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